by The Ruddy Ruckus

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(free) 03:36


released April 7, 2014



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The Ruddy Ruckus Hamilton, Ontario

Rob Brown, native resident of the steel town Hamilton, Ontario, shares his feelings of angst and anguish through his songs which often serve as autobiographical accounts of his life. Love, loss, life, and death are common themes in the music of The Ruddy Ruckus which are complimented by uplifting vocal melodies and relentless rhythmic guitar jamming. ... more

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Track Name: It's A Shithole That We Call Home
as I lie here alone a lamp on by my bed
I recount all the days that you've been in my head
all the times that we shared and the wars that we fought
I thought you'd remember me I guess you forgot

it's a shithole that we call home
it's a shithole that we call home

the sidewalks and storefronts that line the main strip
the working class ghosts who've had enough of it
I gaze upon boys who are covered in dirt
and sweet little girls who look like they've been hurt

it's a shithole that we call home
it's a shithole that we call home

my mother is weeping in the room next to mine
she's telling herself that everything's fine
she thinks that I'm sleeping but I'm wide awake
but I don't know how much more of this I can take

it's a shithole that we call home
it's a shithole that we call home

you gave me hope for the future
you filled my days full of light
but I'm guessing my dreams weren't as real as they seemed
and you won't be coming home with me tonight

this life is as hard as a stone or a brick
and home is a hole that's filled in with shit
my heart it grows fonder for you every day
distance makes the heart grow at least that they say

it's a shithole that we call home
it's a shithole that we call home
Track Name: Roy
and the man who'd boast the biggest grin
would slowly fade in time
let it go me girl let it go me girl
can't you see that he's lost his mind

oh the memories and the photographs
that preserve the golden age
and the echoes of laughter that haunt these walls
are what get me through the day
he was a man of pride a man so full of love
that he shared with all he knew
so I wonder how it's justified
that he was taken from us to soon

as the years went by he'd show his softer side
as he hurtled to the end
unbeknownst to us it'd come sooner than
the expectations of his friends
it was a typical day he went to drive away
looked left before looking right
inched ahead and looked upon a woman's face
on the brakes with all her might

seven years ago I wish that I had known
that time was running out
oh the things I'd say and live out every day
make every second count

because the man who'd boast the biggest grin...

as his eyes rolled back and basic functions failed
he forgot all of our names
but that did nothing to stop his loving wife
from visiting every day
and with the nurses round she'd tell him stories and
lace her fingers inside his
and if I didn't know what it meant before
I know now that's what true love is